Gambling is one of our most favorite vices. This allows us to both fly in the face the moral majority and navigate the tightrope of riches to rags. Like all good vices it has been around since the dawn or at least since human beings invented a way of playing without actually winning. As a result, four chickens were bet on how many rocks would it take to catch a shoplifter from the local stoning. This became a worldwide money-spinner and a million dollar business that makes bookmaking. That industry was quickly absorbed by the Internet, barely recognizable even by close family members and friends, was equally inevitable.

Like most things, betting culture started in Ancient China. It is interesting that it existed before legal tender. This suggests that the money was created only to stop early gamblers using their wives as a stake. The act of wagering on chance games has been considered a moral sin. Nearly every religious text includes ambiguous passages about the good or bad of baccarat. The US has a well publicized love/hate relationship towards the pastime. It has given rise to hotbeds for’slottourism’ such as Las Vegas and Utah, where your average Joe can’t even place a bet on an NFL football game a9play下载.

Fast forward to Q1 in the 21stcentury, and the gambling industry is becoming more popular than any Ancient Chinese philosophers ever imagined. Online poker is no longer a sexist or elitist game that causes drunken arguments at the kitchen tables of English-speaking countries. It has become a civilized and inclusive pastime for quiet nights at home. Online poker can be a legitimate business if you’re willing and able to live off coffee and take out pizza. The best part is that our streets are empty of elderly ladies. They swap bingo halls with web sites, leaving our cities without the cackle of older people.

Since records began in Great Britain, sports betting has been an established institution. While there are no similar restrictions in the USA, betting on’soccer’ isn’t very popular with Americans. Online betting is gaining popularity and more people are interested in gambling on American football. There’s nothing more satisfying that putting your financial future in the capable hands of someone who could eat as much chocolate pudding as you can.

Online gambling offers new levels of excitement and safety. No longer will we need to search dark alleyways for USD 50 to cover the spread or say the words “PLEASE DO NOT BREAK MY LEGS, I HAVE KIDS” again. The majority of websites are licensed, and will accept any legitimate online payment. You don’t even need leave the comfort of your computer screen. While I like my living room, some people may prefer to have their laptops or tablets taken down the back streets or hung from the 10th floor balcony by their spouse in order to collect payment.

Online betting is the most significant advancement in gambling history. While the history of gambling is colorful and full of glory, there has been much misery as well. There is no better time for the humble gambler, with so many bookmakers and amazing innovations like betting online and free stake money on signing up. All of you, good luck!