Hot numbers in the lottery increase your chances of winning a lottery jackpot. No need to convince serious lottery players around the globe. You know how vital HOT lottery numbers can be to any real lottery strategy. You can sing the song if you’re familiar with it. Enjoy the charming melody, for all the rest. Let’s look at HOT numbers. Hot lottery numbers are those numbers that have hit the jackpot more often than any other numbers. The top 10 most popular lottery numbers are the ones we usually focus on. However, depending upon the situation, we may talk about top 15 or top 5 numbers. Let’s start by setting the scene.

Six numbers are drawn in a six-number lottery. 600 numbers are drawn in a total of 100 drawings. As an example, the Illinois 6/52 Lottery should have each lottery number HIT 11.54 Times. 600/52 = 11.54. That is logical, straight-forward, and wrong. Mathematical calculations are correct.

This is wrong for several reasons. First, how could any lottery number hit 11.54 multiple times? It doesn’t. It can hit 11 times or 12 but never 11.54. It’s a game I play with. But I’m trying to make a point. Can you see it? To make the average fraction a decimal fraction, certain numbers must HIT more than others เว็บหวย.

Second, the average is very low. It is because it is only 100 lottery drawings. It’s so weak that numbers can hit 20 times while others might only hit 5 times. Everything else is in between. The fluctuations that are above or below the average decrease with more drawings; the average becomes stronger.

Most people know that flipping 100 random coins will result in 50 heads and 50 tails. You are much more likely to get a different result, such as 60 heads and 40tails. There is a 20% error in this example. (60-50/50 = 0.20) This would not alarm a mathematician. He would simply reply that you haven’t tried enough times. The percent error decreases as more trials are conducted. If you have 500 trials, for example, your results will shrink to 550 heads versus 450 tails. Now, the percent error is just 10%. After 10,000 trials, you reach the point that the number of heads equals number of tails. That is, 5005 heads to 4995 tails = 0.1% error. The average is stronger as more trials are run. As a result, fluctuations decrease and percent error shrinks.

This is the amazing truth! The coin had only two possible outcomes: heads or tails. It took 10,000 trials for wild fluctuations to average themselves out. What number of trials will it take to get all the lottery numbers HIT? There aren’t 2 possible outcomes. There are 20,358,520. Although I don’t know the exact number of trials, it seems like there are more zeros in that number that are found in our national debt.

It’s an enormous number! For all practical purposes, it will take millions upon millions of years for all lottery numbers to occur the same amount of times. This is fantastic news for serious lottery players. This is because our lifetimes are a very small time period in lottery terms. There will be wide variation in the number of hits for the HOT numbers and the Cold numbers over the short-term. It is clear that consistently including HOT numbers in your play list will give you a long-term statistical advantage. It increases our chances to win the lottery.