Listen to Your Audio Files Anywhere with Hamster Free Audio Converter

There were only a few audio formats available in the early days when personal computers first appeared. The music could be played in any media player, without worrying about compatibility problems. The situation is a bit more complicated now. There are many compatibility issues with the dozens media players available and their new formats. Different devices favor different formats as do media players. Most portable devices, such as smartphones, will not be able to play many audio formats you download from the Internet. You can get frustrated when trying to transfer your entire audio library and you are constantly hindered due to compatibility issues. Hamster Free Audio Converter can be used to solve virtually any problem with compatibility youtube mp3 downloader.

Hamster Free Audio Convert is compatible with almost all audio formats that you will ever encounter. It’s a good thing that you won’t have to worry about learning the different file extensions and formats. It offers many presets, which describe in great detail each stage of the conversion. To make it easier, you can drag and drop files into the program. If you’d like to batch convert a large number of files, then drag and drop several files simultaneously into the program. You can then choose an output format, and for those who are more experienced, set up additional parameters. Hamster Free Audio Convertor is compatible with all editions of Windows including Windows XP, Windows 7 and 64-bit versions. This program is extremely fast and can convert a standard audio file in just a couple of seconds.

Hamster Free Audio Convert, like the rest of HamsterSoft’s freeware, provides a solution that is extremely easy to use. With the presets, you can quickly select your desired format by clicking on the button. You can select Nokia as your output format if, for example, you’d like to convert an audio to be played on the Nokia Smartphone. The presets include phones, media players that are standalone and other portable devices. The list of audio formats is located below the devices. Hamster Free Audio Convert supports other lossless audio files, such as FLAC.

Hamster Free Audio Convert offers the option to edit audio details, like track names and numbers and information about artists and genres. You can add album artwork to help you find the album that you are looking for within your favourite media player. Hamster Free is available across many languages. Find out more and download the program at the official HamsterSoft website at Also, you’ll see a complete list of formats supported.

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